Company profile


Please allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Kees and Carla and on the 1st of january 2010 we started Taxi Wassenaar. Co-founders Leanne and Iwan have, with mutual respect and friendship, in pursuit of their own dream, left Taxi Wassenaar per the first of January 2014.

Already working for a Wassenaar based taxi company the opportunity presented itself to take over the business which we did with enthusiasm and ambition.

We started with a brand new fleet of cars with the primary target of further improving our service to the existing customer and then to grow the Taxi Wassenaar customer family from that basis.

We certainly do not have the ambition to become the biggest taxi company in our region, but we will continuously strive to be the best taxi company in the region.

Matching entrepreneurship with a set of moral values is what determines our company strategy and targets.

We drive mentally challenged children to and from their respective day centers at cost price daily.

In the near future we will move our car fleet in the direction of more environmentally friendly cars.

We purposely choose to sacrifice volume for higher level of service.

As a result our service may not be the cheapest but we happily accept that and more importantly, so do all of our happy customers. Nothing is too much when it comes to meeting our customers requirements.

We make sure to get to know our customers personally and to get familiar with their personal wishes and preferences.

In short, Taxi Wassenaar is synonymous with good old-fashion service, reliability, safety and discretion.

We hope that you will provide us the opportunity to convince you of these values as a new customer.

Kees and Carla.