The Taxi Wassenaar business model is made up of a mix of forms of people transport, which translates into the various services that we provide:

  • Regular people transport
  • Business transport
  • Collective transport (for example group transport to and from school)
  • Executive transport
  • Driver services

Regular people transport, business transport and collective transport pretty much speak for themselves and need no further explanation. We do however want to elaborate on our airport service, executive transport and driver services.


We drive to all airports in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

By using Taxi Wassenaar's services you are making sure of a relaxed start of your (inter)national business trip or holiday.

For Schiphol Airport as well as the Rotterdam-The Hague Airport we offer fixed, reduced rates. For other airports we can always offer you a competitive rate.

For airport collection we guarantee that our driver will be waiting for you, not the other way around. We keep track of flights over the Internet to ensure our driver is always at the airport prior to your arrival.

At a fixed and agreed upon location at the airport our driver will be waiting for you with a Taxi Wassenaar sign or if you wish a sign stating passenger name and destination.

Upon landing at Schiphol airport the driver will either tekst or call you at wich door you will be picked up, we follow the flight via our I-phone. Our pick-ups always take place in the departure area upstairs at Schiphol airport.

If you have been away from home for a longer period of time, we offer the option for you to provide us with a shopping list, so you can provide for your most essential needs upon your return home.

Driver services:

Taxi Wassenaar also provides the service of having a driver at your disposal to drive you in your own car.

Some of our customers use our driver services in order to have their cars serviced.

Other customers will use our driver service, where we drive the customer's car to their holiday destination. The customer can then relax and fly to the holiday destination

For groups larger than 8 people we work together with trusted business partners, so we can offer you touringcar services as well.

Whatever your transport requirement may be, Taxi Wassenaar feels confident it can always provide you with a high quality solution at a competitive price.

For loyal customers we offer various easy methods of payment. Cash, creditcard, invoice (digital) make up some of those methods.


Executive transport:

You may sometime want to use your travel time by being transported in comfort in order for you to prepare for an important meeting.

You may sometime want to use your travel time while conducing your business over the phone.

You may sometime just be tired after a long week and don't feel like driving.

Whatever your reason or motivation, never hesitate to state your personal wishes and preferences to us.

Our cars have a conventional power connection in the back so you can always charge the battery on your laptop without a special plug.

At your request we can provide for a dongel so you can be online in the car.

For longer trips we would like you to tell us your choice of newspaper, magazines, drinks preferences etc.

We also provide the service of having a driver and car at your disposal for part of the day or a whole day.

Whatever your transport requirement may be, Taxi Wassenaar feels confident it can always provide you with a high quality solution at a competitive price. !!

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